In 2015 the Youth Program was revitalized with new curriculum and activities under the loving guidance of Juanita L. Coston and Patrice Gaines-- Youth Education Co-Directors.   And after a successful year of numerous achievements, Ms. Gaines expanded her efforts to promote peace and love in pursuit of her calling elsewhere.  We appreciate, love, and miss her, and wish her well as she remains a ‘bridge for peace.’   Ms. Coston transitioned to Spirit in January 2017.  Her spirit continues to empower children to shine their light, along with a team of committed Facilitators. 

About the Youth Education Program

Through commitment to love and a dedication to living the teachings of Jesus Christ, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, and other great teachers, Unity of Charlotte is a vibrant community which is a place of joy, healing, and transformation. The Youth Education Program is designed to assist youth in unfolding their divine goodness to become more of who they are in order to live joyful, productive lives. Through worship, prayer, education, music, creative writing, crafts, and personal example we celebrate and create a safe, positive climate that encourages and honors the gifts of all people.

Our Mission Statement

Our Youth Education’s purpose is to inspire, nurture, and empower youth in their spiritual growth. We are heart-centered, spirit-led, joy-filled facilitators, who are committed to our youth. We provide a safe, creative, reflective, and nurturing environment for youth, and support for their families.   As we demonstrate the transformative power of love, with spiritual teachings which apply to current situations youth may face at school or elsewhere-- We help them Seek their own truth, Live purposefully, and Co-create a world that works for all.

Program Overview

Our curriculum follows the same philosophy that is used by the Association of Unity Churches — A Living Curriculum in conjunction with Rev. Diane Venzera’s  Basic Unity Principles, and 12 Powers Curriculum for all ages. It is a story and activities-based curriculum that uses stories from the Bible, contemporary books, tapes, games, and other sources to help your child understand principles of Unity and Positive Living.   The following designated groups are generally combined in two or three groups depending on attendance—-(Nursery is staffed separately by committed, trained volunteers beginning March 2016).  Each group is staffed by 2 Facilitators along with helpers as needed, who have gone through Application process, Background check, and Training which is ongoing.  Uni-children & Uni-kids together, and YOU & Uni-teens as appropriate). Each group will have about an hour of instructional time followed by a ‘love offering’ of any amount which will be included in a group offering, and voluntary youth participation at the end of service in the Sanctuary.  Throughout the program there will also be opportunities for children to enhance their confidence and communication skills, to be of service to others, and many fun activities in which we welcome parent participation.  We encourage a multi-generational environment where children and adults can learn, share, and grow. 


UniChildren Ages 4-6 & UniKids: Ages 7-9:
The beginnings of metaphysical interpretation are introduced at this age group. To see Jesus as a person who had challenges and difficulties and created a relationship with God that helped him to move through these challenges with loving kindness and generosity. The children will learn that we are inherently good and have choices in actions.

Uni-teens: Ages 10-11  Uni-teens:
(sometimes called Tweens) learn to be receptive to the idea that God works in and through us. They learn to understand that they are the creator of their own world through the thoughts they give power to and what they choose to see and believe. They begin to gain the ability to look past the literal appearance of a situation and to focus on the good the situation brings.

YOU Teens: Ages 12 and up:
The teen program is the continuation of the Tween program emphasizing the idea that God is a mental attitude that works in and through us. In addition the Teens are encouraged to participate in activities provided by the adult Unity community and to create activities for all other ages

Note:  Parents are encouraged to provide reinforcement of the lesson themes as much as possible.

2016 Accomplishments

  • Welcome Pkg. Y.E. inclusion for visitors and new members.  Y.E. Facilitators also translated a Spanish version—Thanks Heidi, Maria, and Magaly. 

  • Facilitator Recruitment and Training (For New and Continuing Facilitators/Helpers) –Recruitment/Training ongoing

  • Twelve Powers Design/Sew Class—All participants had opportunity to learn basics of design/sew techniques to repurpose and imagine wardrobe for self and others.  Youth made at least 2 projects for self and at least 2 projects for others in family.  All participants contributed work to redesigning caps and scarves for the homeless—a part of the Service project to donate 40 sets of caps and scarves as promised—also included gloves. Distributed at RITI December 2016 and as designated by organizers.  A brief fashion show at the end of service on November 15 starred all the children and parents in their fashions representing all the 12 colors/powers.  It was well- received and a learning, joyful experience for all.  We plan more demonstrations of creativity in 2016.  

  • Holiday mini-programs (Valentine’s, Easter, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Graduation, etc.)

  • Service Projects :

  • Youth served as Greeters for Sunday service on 5th Sunday

  • Participation of Y.E. in Peace Festival---100%--even those who could not attend provided games, crafts, money, assisted with marketing (radio program and canvassing area), etc. 

  • Senior Citizen facility -- Visited the Regency Senior Center in Charlotte, Sunday December 6 after church for about 2 hours.  Parents and children involved in the program which  included sharing gifts of Xmas songs, poetry, Daily words, and ‘Faith’ of mustard seed cards which youth and facilitators made.  A wonderful service with love shared and lessons learned.  

  • Room in the Inn—made scarves to complete package of caps, gloves and scarves for homeless men who participated in the RITI program,

  • Prepared and donated Xmas packages for children through Samaritan’s Purse which were mailed to children internationally.  We sent 8 boxes and look forward to doing this again . 

  • Fundraisers (Crafts, Donut Sale, Picnic/Dinner, etc.) Monies were used to fund Raleigh trip, purchase supplies, and educational materials.  

  • Y.E. Train trip to Raleigh—12 Adults and 12 Youth—Full day of food, fun, music, museum sights, and fellowship on train and buses with powerful lessons learned.   

  • Computer technology I—Taught by Y.O.U. student–so successful Back by Popular Demand in 2016

  • Special program—Introductory Spanish with Facilitator s Heidi and Maria

  • Special ‘Wisdom Keeper’ program--- Pottery with Sandy, Poetry and Creative Writing with Bob, Crocheting with Diana, etc.  (Wisdom Keepers are supporters who may or may not be a part of the regular Y.E. Program and provide specialized training/insights on a temporary basis)  

  • Animal Blessing program— Successful—With full program participation including other visitors to Charlotte’s Unity.  Wide range of pets and contributions for rescue $100. Patrice and team did an excellent job—thanks received from Rescue director.

  • Talent /play for Unity Anniversary celebration and other programs.

2017 Objectives


Learn and explore more about self and others with . . .


  • The 5 Basic Unity Principles

  • The Lord’s Prayer

  • The Bible –scriptures and stories

  • The Prayer of Protection

  • Tips and tools for service and ‘co-creating a world that works for all’

  • Projects and activities that enhance growth/development  and community.  (Monthly, Quarterly, & Yearly activities to be determined)


Facilitators, Wisdom Seekers, Parents/Caregivers, and Assistants

Learn and explore more about self and others with . . .


  • Fun activities that energize and empower

  • Fundraiser and service projects that expand the Unity community and neighbors

  • Specialized training in targeted areas like: Effective Communications, Computing Made Easy, Music fun & learning, Art & Crafts, Parenting in Busy Times, CPR/AED training  & more,


Building on the Successes in 2016

--Ongoing Plans for 2017

Youth Ed. Program participation—Renew/Reaffirm  Previous Successes


  • Facilitator Recruitment and Training (For New and Continuing Facilitators/Helpers) –Recruitment/Training ongoing—Quarterly Training/Retreat

  • Launch Y.E. Website and other internet presence—Youth also doing articles and creative pursuits for Bulletin/website.  (Creative Corner  insert—about Love)

  • Augment curriculum with study of the Bible—specific books to be noted to support 12 powers

  • Youth Talk show (quarterly) TBD

  • Community-building/Outreach activities with Unity communities and others throughout the region

  • Leadership Regional Summit –Youth ages 7—18 ---–Unity and other churches –Hosted by Unity of Charlotte in conjunction with other organizations (i.e. City, State, National organizations/leadership) 

  • Weekend family trip--TBD

  • Begin preparations for international trip in 2017

  • Additional plans for community building, Youth Talk show (quarterly), a Spring  Leadership  Development Summit,  etc. are pending for 2017. 

Y.E Events @ Harmony Oaks Farms


Raleigh Train Trip - August 2015


Learning and Sharing each Sunday


Y.E. Wisdom Seekers