Meet Our Music Ministry Director

We love our Music Director and Choir! They bring joy and inspiration to our Sunday Services and are an integral part of the Unity of Charlotte Family.

Choir practice is usually on Thursday evenings at 7 PM (occasionally adjusted to Wednesday evening as necessary) and is open to anyone with a desire to sing. The ability to read music is not required. Participate each Sunday as your schedule allows. Join us anytime by just showing up on Thursday or contacting our amazing Music Director for more information.

Music Director, Greg James

I was born and grew up in Charlottesville Virginia.  I have always loved theater and music, and my love of the latter found me joining traveling bands in the mid 70s.  I found myself settling in Charlotte about the end of that decade.

I started playing at Unity some time ago at the behest of the then music director, Balrie Parks.  Through a series of machinations I am still here.

I thank Unity for freeing me from a laundry list of oppressive philosophies and thought patterns.

My proudest achievement is bringing my beautiful and talented daughter Jennifer into the world. Everything else is a distant second.

I am grateful to have been part of many charitable jobs and events including work with both the elderly and children with learning disabilities.

Playing music is now my full-time vocation.