What Unity of Charlotte Stands For...


Our Vision Statement

We Awaken and Express Humanity’s Divinity Through Spirit-led, Heart-driven, Progressive Spirituality.

Our Statement of Faith

There is one Presence and one Power in my life and in the Universe, God the Good, Omnipotent.

Our Mission Statement

We apply life enhancing universal principles, leading to co-creative, mature, spiritual adults, who accept responsibility for the destiny of humanity, and transforming the Love of Power to the Power of Love!

Our Identity Statement

“Unity of Charlotte is a heart-centered community that celebrates and teaches that every person is a Sacred Being.

We are an open-minded progressive community that honors and learns from the teachings of Jesus and other enlightened masters.

We co-create a spiritual center that practices and demonstrates the transformative, healing power of love."

Unity of Charlotte Universal Principles

We Believe...

  1. God is Love, Love is God: One Presence, One Power.
  2. Our very essence is of God; therefore, every person is a divine being with a sacred purpose.
  3. As human beings, our mystical roots teach that we have a seed of divinity within us. 
  4. Our sacred purpose is to cultivate this seed to manifest God’s Love into the human experience. 
  5. Jesus is our way-shower and the Holy Spirit is our inspired guide.
  6. Our heart inspired thoughts are creative and have the wisdom to change our lives.
  7. Love as prayer opens our heart to experience the living presence of the Divine.
  8. By practicing and demonstrating the transformative and healing power of love on a daily basis we become the expression of God’s Love in the world.
  9. God is Love, Love is God: One Presence, One Power.

Core Values

Core values are non-negotiable ideas and fundamentals for organizational coherence

  • SPIRIT LED – We are centered in God. Spirit leads our actions
  • LOVE – We express unconditional Love, an inner quality that desires good for all. We practice honest, loving communication and heart centered service.
  • INCLUSIVENESS - We are one, connected with all life. We embrace all people as expressions of God and believe all people are created with sacred worth.
  • JOY – We live from a positive view of the world and celebrate life. We experience service to others as a true source of joy.
  • INTEGRITY – We adhere to our values. We act from a place of wholeness and are ethical in all of our actions. We keep our word.


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A Special Invitation to Join Us - Tell-A-Friend:

  • We teach life-enhancing, universal principles to better equip you to face the challenges of everyday life.

  • We welcome everyone into our spiritual community regardless of race, ethnic background, or sexual orientation.

  • We teach that each of us is "created in the image and after the likeness of God," (Gen. 1:27) and is therefore inherently good.

  • Our foundation is Mystical Christianity.  We also believe, however, that there are many paths to God.

  • We teach that Jesus is "the great example" rather than "the great exception."  Instead of worshiping Jesus, we do our best to learn from him and to follow him.

  • The Spiritual Principles we teach are not of judgment but of everlasting and unconditional love. 

  • We teach that Heaven and Hell are current-day states of mind and heart, and that Jesus taught us how to live in Heaven now by living a life of compassion and forgiveness.