Unity of Charlotte is not for everyone. However, we might be for you if you’re looking for an open, welcoming, inclusive church teaching a practical approach to spiritual living.

We are a welcoming, inclusive and diverse community, nurturing a deep, mature experience of God through the practice of Unity Principles.  If you are in search of practical spiritual path and community, we hope you will check us out. Thanks for taking a look. 


So you’ve heard about Unity of Charlotte, and you are a little curious. Going to a new place can be intimidating. How will I know where to park? What if my kid has to go to the bathroom? What do I wear? We’ve asked those questions too. Please know we will make every effort to make sure your first experience is worry free. We look forward to meeting you!

Wear Comfortable Clothes
Come as you are – some people like to dress up, and others like to be casual. What you wear is not nearly important as who you are.
There is ample parking at the lower lot (east entrance).  Limited parking (handicap and space for those who would be challenged by climbing stairs) is available at the upper level near the church entrance.
Once you walk through our doors you will see the smiles and warmth of Unity of Charlotte. There will be hosts ready to serve you and answer any questions you have. Plan on spending some time before and after service meeting new friends. Visit our Cafe Unity area and visit with friends after service.
Youth Church
Youth Church is held concurrently with our Sunday service. Currently one classroom is dedicated to youth 5-12.  We are enjoying a resurgence of youth activity in our church and look forward to having a full-service program for all ages.  Young people of all ages are welcome in the sanctuary.
Our hosts will help you find a seat and don’t worry about anyone making you stand up and say your name. You will be able to blend in the crowd with no worries.
Celebration Service
We have worked hard to provide you with an experience where you can connect with God. You’ll find words for our music on the screen for you to follow.
Service Length
We will be done in 60 minutes.
We are known for our “come as you are” atmosphere. We are an open and inclusive place for people to be in process of their spiritual growth (and a place where we recognize that everyone is in a process). We are perfectly imperfect people.


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